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Is Wado Karate Right For You?

Wado Karate at Rei Karate Do is ideal for those seeking fitness, self-defence skills, or mental discipline. It’s great if you want a structured, engaging way to exercise, learn self-defence, or improve focus. Karate also helps with stress relief and fosters community.

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A great coach can propel students to heights they never thought possible. With expert guidance, personalized feedback, and unwavering support, students at Rei Karate Do can unlock their full potential, reaching new levels of success and confidence under the guidance of our national-level coaches.

Achieve Mastery with Focused Training

Every student is unique, and at Rei Karate Do, we help you become the best version of yourself. Our experienced coaches guide you in pushing past physical limitations and overcoming self-limiting beliefs, ensuring you achieve your personal best in both karate and personal development.

How To Join?



Browse our schedule to find a class time that fits seamlessly with your daily routine. We offer a variety of options to accommodate your busy lifestyle.



Immerse yourself in the world of karate and discover the benefits of our training philosophy and welcoming atmosphere.



If you find value in the class and believe it can help you achieve your personal goals, take the next step by joining our dojo.

Find the Right Class for You


Designed for kids ages 4-7, our karate classes focus on fun and engaging activities that teach respect, improve coordination, and boost confidence. Perfect for young learners to begin their martial arts journey in a supportive and nurturing environment.


For children ages 8-12, our classes challenge them to take leadership roles and refine their skills, fostering self-control and building confidence. It's a dynamic program that prepares young students for advanced levels in a motivating and supportive setting.


Aimed at individuals 13 and older, our program emphasizes developing strength, flexibility, and balance, guiding students to excel physically and personally. It's designed to challenge and inspire, creating better martial artists and well-rounded human beings.

Join a Community dedicated to Excellence

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Rei Karate-Do is the best dojo in Barrie. A very friendly environment for everyone to learn and grow. Excellent instructors and atmosphere. My two girls have been attending for almost 1 year and have learned so much about the art of Karate.

Monica H.

Congratulations!! Opening the doors to authentic Japanese martial arts to Canadians in Barrie is a great opportunity for both cultural exchange and personal growth in the field of karate. Best wishes to Raki Shihan and Raisa Sensei from Japan.

Japan K.

My son has been doing karate since he was 5 years old, and we recently switched gyms to his Karate in Barrie, and I could not be happier. My son enjoys Karate again and is always challenged. He has built such an amazing bind with all the trainers they really put their heart and soul into this business.

Jenna R.

Rei Karate Do is a family genuine future samurai. The quality of Wado teachings and the personality of our senpais are unmatched. I've seen great discipline in my son since he has started karate and am so thankful for the fun ways he is being taught. Everyone is friendly and our community is ever growing. This is truly one of the best dojos and I highly recommend.

Karen W.

My kids and I signed up for classes at Rei Karate Do and took advantage of their family package. We couldn't be any happier with the level of coaching we have received.

If you're even a little interested jn fitness, martial arts, or learning some Japanese, you owe it to yourself to take a demo lesson at Rei Karate .. I'd give them 10 stars if I could!

Kevin F.

Rei Karate do is the best dojo by far. I'm a current student and have been training there for over a year and it's an awesome environment to be in, from the very talented shihan Raki and Raisa Sensei to the three incredible senpais that help make you your absolute best at karate and as a better person, I would highly recommend for anyone to join this amazing and be a part of something that's truly once in a lifetime.

Matthew F.

Why Choose Martial Arts for Your Fitness Journey?

A unique alternative to traditional gym routines.

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Benefits of martial arts: physical fitness, mental acuity, and personal discipline.

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Rei Karate-Do offers students of all ages a pathway to self-confidence, discipline, and physical fitness.

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