Wado Karate Classes in Barrie

Adults practicing karate at Rei Karate in Barrie, improving fitness and coordination while learning Rei.

Karate Classes In Barrie

Young children in karate gi practicing Rei at Rei Karate in Barrie, fostering respect and discipline from a young age.


Kids karate classes: ages 4-7

Our Tenshi Karate classes for children aged 4-7 focus on learning through play.

We create an engaging, fun environment where kids learn respect, etiquette, and develop coordination, agility, and strength. It's a place where young learners can grow physically and socially, gaining foundational skills that benefit them beyond the dojo.

Perfect for parents seeking a positive, nurturing activity for their children's early development.

Energetic kids karate class at Rei Karate in Barrie, learning self-defense and valuable life skills through Rei.


Kids karate classes: ages 8 - 12

Our Ninja classes, designed for students aged 8-12, foster an environment where children are encouraged to take leadership roles, perfect their movements, and develop self-control.

This program is tailor-made to build self-confidence in a supportive setting, empowering students to become not just better martial artists but confident individuals ready to face any challenge.

Determined adults in a karate class at Rei Karate in Barrie, demonstrating focus and discipline through Rei.


Teen & Adult Karate Classes: 13+

Our Samurai classes cater to individuals aged 13 to 93, focusing on cultivating strength, flexibility, and balance.

These sessions not only enhance physical capabilities but also enrich personal development, guiding participants towards becoming better human beings in every aspect of life.

It's a transformative experience that combines martial arts mastery with life-long learning and self-improvement.



Taiso prepares the body and mind for karate, enhancing flexibility and focus, while reducing injury risks. Essential for discipline and peak performance.


Kihon focuses on perfecting fundamental techniques, ensuring a solid base. It's vital for mastering more complex moves and developing strength, precision, and agility.


Kata involves practicing patterns of movements, blending art and technique. It's crucial for mastering flow, balance, and the philosophical aspects of karate, deepening one's practice.


Kumite enhances fighting skills through controlled sparring, teaching students to apply techniques in live scenarios. It's key for reaction time, strategy, and understanding opponents.

Benefits of learning karate at Rei Karate in Barrie, such as increased confidence, improved fitness, and respect shown through Rei.

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Rei Karate Barrie - Learn Karate, Respect, and Self-Defense

Rei Karate-Do offers students of all ages a pathway to self-confidence, discipline, and physical fitness.

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